Welcome! My name is Giusy and I am histamine intolerant. I love eating, dancing, traveling and laughing. I dislike anchovies, spiders and fakes. I cannot live without sun, a scarf and a dream to realize. HELLO World!

If you are here today, maybe you like my recipes, maybe my pictures or maybe you just want to understand more about histamine intolerance or celiac disease. In any case, please be aware that I am not either a doctor or a chef. I am Sicilian and cooking is part of my heritage together with histamine intolerance.

I was really upset when I started this journey, no much hope to drink a glass of wine or eat a mature strawberry. This is why I started sharing the pictures of my meals on instagram. I wanted to give hope and ideas to those that like me had to give up to their favorite ingredients and need to live the day in the shadow of a possible reaction.

This website is a collection of information, my recipes and my discoveries about histamine and my body incapacity to break it down. Everything I write comes from my personal experience and the challenges I decide to take in the hope to find new ingredients to add to my recipes and balance my diet and lifestyle.

I will tell you about foods I successfully tried and give me no symptoms and about the ones which made me react badly. I will tell you more about histamine intolerance and how I live with it. Now it is though time to tell you my low histamine story.

After years of bronchitis, diarrhea, skin rushes, high fever, inflamed nerves, sudden allergic reactions (urticaria, swollen lips, rhinitis …) and much more, in January 2016 I was diagnosed in Zurich with a genetic histamine intolerance. No need to say that while years of allergy tests made me aware of what histamine was, I had no idea that you could be intolerant to it.

The gastroenterologist explained me that the reactions are totally comparable to the ones caused by allergic reactions, but luckily enough being histamine also produced by your body you cannot be allergic to it. Small quantities cannot cause anaphylactic shock, unless you combine high histamine levels with allergens (e.g. Bee stings, peanuts, nuts, shellfish …).

Now, independently from its name, histamine intolerance is a pain! Based on my experience, eating low histamine helps clean eating (no more preservatives, food color, additives, …), but it can unbalance your diet and above all cause bad reactions if you eat the wrong food.

At the moment, in which I am writing this introduction, I did not visit yet a nutritionist. I am trying to organize my diet alternating the different ingredients I have available. I follow the SIGHI list, available for download in English and German under www.histaminintoleranz.ch .

The complete food list rates from 0 to 3 the histamine level, where 0 is “well tolerated, not symptoms expected with usual intake” and 3 is “very poorly tolerated, severe symptoms”. Please be careful reading the notes as well. The rate 0 is always referred to the product in good condition (e.g. really fresh beef meat) or produced with certain criteria (e.g. fresh cheese without additives), if you buy at the supermarket 40 day aged Irish beef, you will get sick!

I experienced that paying attention to the condition, I can have 0 without problems, I can have some of the 1 rated ingredients in small quantities, I get symptoms and sometimes bad reactions with products rated 2, 3 labeled ingredients are banned. For the 1 rated ingredients, I would suggest to try small quantities and establish your personal limit. For example, I can have small quantities of sweet mango, but if I get a sour piece my nose immediately starts running and my stomach starts dancing.

I will update you via the page regarding my personal experiments and about ingredients that I was able to add or I had to take away. In the list, gluten is listed as 1. Aside from spelt, all cereals containing naturally gluten are listed as 1. By experience, I don’t react to a piece of bread, but I do react to a plate of regular pasta (not fresh). In any case, in this website you will only find gluten-free recipes and ingredients. My husband is celiac and for my mental sanity I banned gluten products from home long before I found out of my histamine intolerance. Yes, as we have heard so many times: we are a special couple! We met as foodies and we thought we could eat anything in the world and we fell in love while eating lasagna, Milanese and Sicilian cannoli. We could not give up to tasteless dishes and cooking without passion. So here we are. I had to reinvent myself and my cooking twice, but who give up is lost!!!

If you are celiac, be aware that you are lucky! You can still eat so many delicious things out there!

If you have histamine intolerance, you should feel lucky as well because you find it out. Getting a diagnosis is so difficult! Welcome to the road of better living! 😊

If you would like to join us in this gluten-free and low-histamine travel, be ready for an explosion of taste and a lot of cooking fun 😊