Chestnut tiramisù

Sometimes I miss basic recipes. I am not one for giving up, so those are the moments in which I make up my mind on what ingredients I can mix to make it taste even better than the original recipe! The chestnut tiramisù in as example of how you can create an amazing tiramisù without raw eggs 🤗

Ingredients for 4 portions

For the sauce:

  • 220gr of clean Chestnuts
  • 250gr of Mascarpone
  • Raw sugar (5-6 spoons)
  • Milk if needed
  • For the filling:
    • GF savoiardi
    • Decaffeinated espresso


    Steam the peeled chestnuts and while still hot, smash them with a potato smasher. Add the sugar and mix them till you get a smooth cream. Wait for the mix to be completely cold and then add the mascarpone cheese. The result should be a thick sauce, which can easily be spread on the biscuits. If the sauce is too solid, add some milk.

    Prepare around one glass of decaf espresso.

    Pick a dessert jar of your choice. It can be a casserole dish (for all the 4 portions) or small jars to have single portions. Put a layer of sauce first, then one of savoiardi dipped in the espresso, one of sauce, another of savoiardi, cover with sauce.

    Add some glazed chestnuts as decoration if you like.


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