Help! I have a special guest

How many times have you been invited for dinner and tried to explain the challenges of catering for histamine intolerance or celiac disease? Well, this section is for you and for all the willing-to-try hosts, who need some guidance.

It is not so important which allergy or intolerance you need to cater for, there are some basic rules which are always helpful to avoid either your guest or yourself to get sick:

  • Clean everything before starting preparation (inclusive changing any used kitchen clothes)
  • Do not use wooden utensils
  • Choose fresh ingredients avoiding seasoned ones
  • Check composition and expiring dates on the packed food (e.g., meat)
  • Wash well all ingredients (e.g., I immerse vegetables and fruits for 15 minutes in water and baking soda and then rinse in fresh water to wash away pesticides)
  • Better safe than sorry: always ask if you have a doubt

Now, having always these golden rules in mind, I would suggest that you play safe and prepare a simple and taste meal for your guest with ingredients plain and visible in the plates. It means that it is much better that you don’t try to overdo it and create simple meals.

You can find in this blog under the tag #easy&tasty a series of recipes super easy to make and with only few ingredients, which will make you a great host even if you have guests who don’t know anything about a low histamine or a gluten-free diet.

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