Chestnut blondies

This weekend I woke up with this amazing imagine in my mind of fresh cooked chestnut brownies. According to the food compatibility list cocoa and carob powder are banned, so I ended up with blondies instead of brownies 😊


  • 220gr boiled and peeled chestnuts
  • 40gr chestnut flour
  • 2gr baking powder
  • 30gr zucchero grezzo
  • 50gr chestnut honey
  • 30gr extra virgin olive oil
  • 35gr coconut oil
  • 2 eggs
  • 2gr salt
  • 30gr water

I also added

  • 60gr dried cranberries
  • 65gr almonds

Improvements for next batch are already on paper 😊 chestnuts instead of almonds and coconut flakes instead of cranberries for an Autumn-meets-Summer taste ❤️


Smash the boiled chestnuts in a bowl with a potato smasher. Add sugar and honey and mix well.

Preheat the oven at 170C.

Add to the chestnut mix the flour mixed to the baking powder, the two oils, the eggs, the water and eventually the salt.

With a hand mixer beat all the ingredients till the batter is smooth and starts bubbling (around 8 minutes). Then add the almond and the cranberries (or the chunks of chestnuts and the coconut flakes) and mix lightly with a spoon.

Pour the batter in a tin, precedently covered with parchment paper, and let cook in the oven at 170C for 50 minutes.

Let the blondies cool down and then cut into squares. They are ready to eat!

Before serving, I decorated with row cane sugar powder 🤗

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