Skillet pistachio pizza

With the temperature increase and no proper cooling system, I am reducing a lot the use of the oven and increasing the use of the microwave and the skillet. From pizza to bread, from scones to cakes, I am challenging myself to get tasty results in. Continue reading

Lemon ice cream

Over the weekend the weather was great and we decided to invite over some friends to enjoy the balcony, the sun and an homemade ice cream. I was not expecting it would be a hit, so I not take proper pictures. I will do some more next time. Continue reading

English scones

Scones anyone? This time we must all thank the husband for this new recipe! Yes, the husband 😊 He woke up in the weekend smiling and asking: shall we have scones for breakfast? Come on! I had no wish to get ready, drive to the only place in. Continue reading

Naan bread

Most of my recipes come from a wish. I am there thinking of what I can have for dinner and I start imagining drooling food, that I cannot have anymore. This is how this Naan bread recipe was created. It was Sunday, like today and I was thinking what. Continue reading

Chestnut blondies

This weekend I woke up with this amazing imagine in my mind of fresh cooked chestnut brownies. According to the food compatibility list cocoa and carob powder are banned, so I ended up with blondies instead of brownies 😊 Ingredients 220gr. Continue reading

Coconut and vegetable soup

Tonight I wanted to finish a portion of coconut milk, but did not want to prepare a dessert. So, I simply asked my husband "how can I use the coconut milk? Shall I do a carrot soup?" And he simply answered: "You could do a Tom kha gai". Well, I had. Continue reading

Fast pizza

You know those times when you really would like to have a pizza in front of the tv, but you know pretty well that you cannot simply go in Internet and ask a delivery home? Well, this is where this fast pizza or calzone recipe originates. The taste. Continue reading

Breadcrumb spaghetti

Never thought till today that one of my always favorites is low histamine and can be prepared in few simple steps! It is a simple recipe which has been passed through generations in my family. You normally prepare it, if you have no time for a. Continue reading

Blue potato gnocchi

As you may have heard, blue vegetables and fruits are normally rich in antioxidants. Anthocyanins are the pigments which make vegetables and fruits blue, purple and red and they have antioxidant properties. Today there is no study on human which. Continue reading