Panfried chicken breast

Simple, easy and tasty, this recipe is going to make your dinner uncomplicated even if you have never cooked low histamine or gluten free before 🤗 You need 4 ingredients and around 15 minutes! 1 sliced chicken breast (check that the expiring. Continue reading

Help! I have a special guest

How many times have you been invited for dinner and tried to explain the challenges of catering for histamine intolerance or celiac disease? Well, this section is for you and for all the willing-to-try hosts, who need some guidance. It is not so. Continue reading

Chestnut tiramisù

Sometimes I miss basic recipes. I am not one for giving up, so those are the moments in which I make up my mind on what ingredients I can mix to make it taste even better than the original recipe! The chestnut tiramisù in as example of how you can. Continue reading